Sylvia Star

  • Age: 30
  • Height: 5’4
  • Size: 8
  • Measurements: 34DD
  • Hair Colour: Brunette
  • Nationality: Latino

Sylvia Star a woman of your dreams perfect body ready to rub on yours she is very sensual in her massage preparing you for intense bliss her hands roaming all over you. Unique and amazing right up to your explosive happy ending xx

Please note Sylvia does not offer a "GFE"

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  • Sylvia Star's Latest Review

    Colin Apr 01st 2024

    "I have seen Sylvia quite a few times over the last few years and she is a delight. Wonderful body and beautiful face always presented well. Speaks excellent english with great conversation. I would see her more often but it is a 2 hour drive for me."

  • Other reviews for Sylvia Star

    Mar 31st 2024

    "A star massage from me. Her techniques and standards are high. I have had some massages in my time and this beats most of them. Happy ending was perfect she clearly knows what she is doing."

    S Feb 20th 2024

    "Thank you Sylvia for the pleasure of your fabulous hands. Still remembering softness of your skin, your gloriously curvy body & the mesmerising smile. Sorry for getting so excited that I wasn't able to return the pleasure to you. Hoping can head up sometime to see you again."

    TJG Oct 18th 2023

    "Sylvia is magnificent. Her beauty, fantastic body, style, charm and massage skills will leave you wanting more. Certainly the best that AROMA has to offer. She is in a class of her own."

    M Jan 18th 2023

    "One of the best massages I've ever had, 100% every piece of me untouched by the very sexy beautiful Sylvia, explosive ending by perfect handling, she enjoyed my professional massage too. I've seen Sylvia several times, just gets better, she's so pretty with a fit as fuck body and legs too M "

    Nitro Oct 31st 2022

    "It was my first time ever enjoying this kind of experience. A body to body massage with a beautiful lady. I was very nervous but Sylvia was very warm and welcoming. Sylvia has a beautiful body, and beautiful smile and was lovely be me around for my short time there. The room seemed nice and clean. I will be back to see this sexy lady again!"

    Mr T Oct 30th 2022

    "First timer for this type of massage and wow! Sylvia was better than my dreams couldn’t ever comprehend. First off the WhatsApp is just perfect. Really helped ease the nerves. Thank you. When I arrive I was greeted with a smile. Offered a drink and asked to wait 5 minutes for my appointment to start.. once Sylvia was ready I was asked to go into a separate room and take a shower before her arrival at this point the heart was beating. Half way through washing my body she popped in to see if I was okay.. and OMG! I was like a rabbit in headlights. Her beauty was outshining everything. With a cheeky giggle she gave me another 1min or 2. I then got out the shower and dryer myself off when she walked back in again, making conversation trying to make me feel very welcome. Which she did perfectly. She asked me a lay face down on the table whilst she got to work. Using those strong but soft, delicate hands on my legs. Working her way up slowly and gentle to my bum/hips. Had a little tease by playing with my balls and did the same on the other side and leg. Once she worked on my back and neck too she got up on the table to what at the time I didn’t realise was completely naked. Grabbed my hands placed them on my back and put oil on my hands and whispered. Don’t move. At this point I’m intrigued and excited about what may happen. Using her knees in my hamstring area, she then got her massive boobs brushing against my body from bottom to top. Placing them in my hands. My manhood was already excited before this had happened. Once again, gets close to my heart and asked me to flip over. Now I’m laid there, everything on show to be greeted with a pillow behind my head for comfort. She gets to work again. Making me feel very comfortable and relaxed she hops up on the table again. Now this Sylvia is everything I have ever wanted in a woman! As she’s adding more and more oil to my tool, she even lets me have a feel of her too.. she really knows how to use her hands. She was moaning (as like she knew it was a turn on for me - which I didn’t think she could turn me on anymore. Boom, all over her boobs, she cleans me up and doesn’t make me feel rushed or anything. She then kindly turns the shower on for me. Once I’ve cleaned in the shower and starting to get dressed she’s allowed me to watch her in the shower to. Sylvia you're amazing, beautiful, kind and just perfect. Thank you for making me feel so welcome and comfortable. I will definitely be back again shortly. Thank you for taking my body to body virginity. 5 stars 🌟 from me. "

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Basic Naturist Massage

  • 30 Minutes £55
  • 45 Minutes: £70
  • 1 Hour: £85

Deluxe Body to Body

  • 30 Minutes £65
  • 45 Minutes: £80
  • 1 Hour: £95


  • 30 Minutes £85
  • 45 Minutes: £105
  • 1 Hour: £130

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